Yonkers Air Conditioning/HVAC Tune Up Specials

Spring is right around the corner! It is the time when New Yorker’s roll up their sleeves, clean up their homes, and prepare for the warm months ahead. From scrubbing walls to sweeping floors, the frenzy of spring cleaning keeps everyone busy. According to Yonkers based HVAC company, Climate Shield, springtime is also the right time for people to pay attention to their air conditioning units.

AC Tune-up and Maintenance Services by Climate Shield

Climate Shield offers comprehensive air conditioning repair, replacement, and tune-up services for New Rochelle/Yonkers area residents at affordable rates.

From inspecting the wiring to surveying the refrigerant levels, replacing filters, flushing drain lines, evaporator coils, and the blower fan, and checking the condenser unit, the company’s service team can take care of everything to make sure the unit is in proper working condition.

The company has a team of highly skilled technicians, all of whom are background checked, drug tested, and factory trained.

The technicians are professionally trained, highly experienced, and have all the equipment necessary to perform a thorough tune-up and cleaning service.

The company offers annual maintenance plans as well as on-demand repair and tune-up services for the residents in and around New Rochelle, Yonkers and White Plains. Regular maintenance and seasonal tune-up can keep an air conditioning unit in perfect working condition, extend its lifespan, and reduce energy costs by up to 40%.

The Necessity of Spring Tune-Up

AC units mostly remain dormant during winter and can develop problems as the weather warms up. The dirt and debris that might have built up during the period of inactivity could affect the air quality, which in turn could increase the risk of health problems like allergies and infections.

Summer is the time when most homeowners want to get their AC units serviced, as a result of which, the demand for AC tune-up/checkup services increases considerably. A springtime tune-up means people can stay ahead of the pack, get their units thoroughly checked and cleaned, and make sure the system is in optimal working condition to help them survive the hot summer months.

Since the demand for AC tune-up services is low during the season, the prices too are usually lower, which is one of the reasons why spring is considered the best time for residential HVAC tune-up and maintenance.

Even though not all future breakdowns can altogether be avoided or forecasted, most of them can be recognized in advance. During a Tune Up we will recommend needed parts upgrades or repairs or and remedies to avoid inconvenient future breakdowns and possibly much more expensive repairs later on. Including recommendations to improve upon Losses of Capacity and Efficiency of the AC Equipment.

Special Offers and Financing by Climate Shield

Climate Shield has partnered with FTL Finance to provide financial assistance to customers who are in need of HVAC systems. Customers can avail of 0% interest plans and can make full use of flexible financial terms and low monthly payments. The company also provides financing options for people with poor credit scores.

Climate Shield also recommends installing a new system if the old one is far too damaged to be repaired and restored to proper working condition. The company says it only recommends energy-efficient systems that are of the highest quality to its customers.

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