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HVAC Maintenance Plans for Improved Heating & Air Conditioning Performance – Practical & Safe




HVAC contractors and HVAC companies in New Rochelle, NY and its nearby communities understand the importance of a regular HVAC maintenance. Here at Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC, we are a firm believer that regularly maintaining your residential or commercial HVAC system is the best way to keep it running all season long without a breakdown in between.


The necessity of HVAC maintenance plans should never be overlooked by a homeowner or business owner like you, despite having a reliable AC installation. It is the most efficient and practical way to keep your heating and cooling system running at its best. Hence, maximizing what you have paid for.


If you will choose not to have a regular HVAC maintenance or poorly perform maintenance checklist, your system will be forced to work harder than usual. Apart from the potential breakdown, not having a regular heating and cooling system check-up will also decrease the useable lifespan of your cooling or heating devices, including your residential air conditioning in New Rochelle.


Benefits of Performing Regular HVAC Maintenance




Fewer HVAC Repairs: One of the reasons why an expert HVAC contractor here in  New Rochelle, NY will highly suggest a regular HVAC maintenance is because of its impact to the overall condition of your heating or cooling system. If your HVAC system has not been recently lubricated or cleaned, the moving parts inside such as the belts and motors can easily break down. Thus, resulting for a need of a recurring heating or air conditioning repair, which will be more expensive in the long run. If you want to identify the issue at its early stage, always have a maintenance plan for your HVAC system.


Increased Efficiency Level: Another purpose of enrolling in HVAC maintenance plans is to achieve a higher efficiency level in terms of performance of your HVAC system. Heating and cooling system requires regular cleaning and rigid inspection in order to increase airflow and its efficiency levels. Furthermore, by changing air filters at least every 30-60 days while maintaining a clean outdoor unit will yield into an increased performance.


Improved Indoor Air Quality & Comfort: As a property owner, you need to face the fact that if you will neglect to have a regular HVAC system maintenance plan, you will definitely experience some issues concerning air quality and comfort of your living environment. When you have a dirty condensate drain pans or uncleaned ductwork, chances are high that you will not only have a poor indoor air quality, but you may also get some allergies or respiratory diseases.


What Our Maintenance Team Could Do For You


In order to avoid such issues and to fully utilize your HVAC  system, you should not shy away from asking the help of a professional HVAC company here in New Rochelle, like Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC. With our experience, expertise, and proper equipment, we guarantee you not just a fully functional HVAC system but also a peace of mind. When you contact Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC, our technician will arrive and inspect your current HVAC system, providing:


  • Replacement of Air Filter That’s Best for Your Unit

  • Check-Up of Refrigerant Levels and Recharge If Necessary

  • Clean Indoor and Outdoor Unit, While Lubricating All Moving Parts

  • Check-Up of Heat Exchanger, Thermostat, and Electrical Connections

  • Clear Condensate Drain Lines, While Clearing Debris Around Your Units

  • Inspect Blower Motor Components, as Well as Ductwork for Inefficiencies


While skipping or neglecting to have an HVAC maintenance plan will result to short-term savings, the long-term effect and cost of it will definitely outweigh the savings you will get when you bypass such important HVAC service here in New Rochelle. In some cases, not having a regular HVAC maintenance may lead to some warranty issues and concern. Hence, giving you more trouble when an HVAC problem arises. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services!


HVAC maintenance plans give you peace of mind and keep your system running in top working order so it lasts longer, requires fewer repairs and conserves energy. When your HVAC system is regularly maintained it runs efficiently and reduces costly emergency repairs. Plans start at just $100 per month!


Get in touch with Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC today. Call us at (914) 727-2427 to know more of our maintenance services for your system, as well as other essential heating and air conditioning services such as AC installation & repair. 






All Maintenance Plan members enjoy priority service scheduling and up to 10% discounts on repairs. 


Twice yearly Check-up/ Service


UV Bulb Changes (Owner provided)


Emergency & Same Day Service


Filter Changes
(Owner provided)


After Hours Service Available


1-2 Year Enhanced Full Warranty on Repairs


Discounts on Equipment Purchases and Repairs


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