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Emergency & Same Day HVAC Services for Restored Comfort & Convenience – Tried & Tested


When HVAC system disaster strikes, we’re here to help you in a moment’s notice with 24/7/365 Emergency and Same Day services.

Every HVAC contractors in New Rochelle is well-aware that the shifting of the season takes a toll on your HVAC unit and equipment especially here in Westchester County, New York. Based on the stories of our customers, it would always seem that aging furnace could suddenly give up in the middle of a cold winter night or their AC unit could break down during the hottest day of the summer.

Here at Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC, we are cognizant to the fact that such experiences are more than just a cause for annoyance on your part. For if not properly and promptly resolved, such HVAC problems, can quickly escalate into emergencies when your home or even business place reaches extreme and intolerable temperatures. Seeing that, such experiences should propel you to call for a local HVAC contractor in New Rochelle area who has the training and experience to get on top of any heating, air conditioning, ventilation, & exhaust problems quickly.

For your emergency and same day HVAC service needs here in New Rochelle, NY, the urgency for a professional HVAC contractor that you can trust to fix your HVAC system right at the first try is of great importance. That is why Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC provides and guarantees homeowners and business owners an HVAC repair service that will definitely give you a peace of mind.


Once our team of expert technicians and project manager arrive at your home or place of business, they will immediately begin to diagnose the problem of your HVAC system for a quick solution. Hence, allowing you to get your HVAC system running back in no time, restoring both your comfort and convenience. With Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC you can always count on the superior HVAC service we are known for, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Emergency HVAC Service

  • Residential Emergency HVAC Service

  • Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Emergency Heat Pump Repairs

  • Emergency Furnace Repairs

Common Problems Requiring Emergency HVAC & Same Day Service


As a homeowner and business owner here in New Rochelle, New York, you do not want to deal with any kind of heating or air conditioning problem, especially during days or weeks where weather extremes greatly felt. However, despite the proper heating and air conditioning installation services, a day will come that your HVAC system will suddenly break down without prior warnings. To give you an overview behind such HVAC malfunction, here are some of the top reasons why your heating or cooling system fails:

Improper Preventive Maintenance: An improper preventive maintenance or a failure to follow HVAC maintenance plans is a top factor why emergency HVAC and same day repairs are being sought by property owners. One of the frequently neglected HVAC maintenance task is the changing of air filters, which could greatly impact the performance and longevity of your HVAC system.

Hiring Inexperienced HVAC Service: Another mistake that affects the functionality and performance of your HVAC system is when you tend to hire an inexperienced HVAC contractor here in New Rochelle, NY. Although they may offer the lowest bid, you are not guaranteed of the best HVAC services. Hence, undermining the performance and practical aspect of your goal of having a good performing HVAC.

Outdated HVAC System: One of the factors that lead to emergency HVAC repair is the fact that your home or business still has an old heating or cooling unit. As you HVAC system ages, the more you will encounter HVAC  issues, that will not only necessitate HVAC emergency service but also a potential new HVAC installation

If you need help with your HVAC system, you should not wait any longer. If it is an emergency or same day HVAC service you need to give us a call. You may contact Climate Shield Heating & Cooling LLC at (914) 727-2427




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